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Having trouble making decisions?  Do you feel unsettled and confused by knowing which way to take?  Then this book is for you! Discover how to tackle decision-making in the area of career,

relationships, health issues, where to live, and more.  Learn about the importance of discerning between a good and potentially bad decision, and how to make good, wise and sound decisions no matter what your circumstance is.  You'll find real-life situations and Biblically-based answers that are sure to encourage and aid you in this important area of life.

Personal Growth




The Act of Decision Making

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In a world troubled by bad news, and dealing with the many stresses of life, it can become difficult to think positively. More than just reading the right literature, we need to learn how to practically apply positive thinking principals to change our thinking and change our life. Written in devotional style, this book offers 30 power thoughts based on Biblical principals that once applied, begin to work!

Power Thoughts for Positive Thinking