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Module 5 – Exploring Language (Description, Senses, Vivid writing & More)

You will learn basic "tricks of the trade" through effective exercises that will boost your word power and benefit you in all forms of writing.


Module 4 – Exploring Story Writing

We will discuss important story elements, and together, build a fiction story from start to finish.


Module 3 – Exploring Poetry

Learn essential poetic devices and literary techniques necessary for every kind of writing, including fiction and non-fiction.  Plus -- try your hand at a poem or two.


Module 2 – Exploring the Essay

An important form of writing designed to help you learn how to uncover or expand on areas of particular interest or expertise; or, become an expert in any given area. A variety of essay models are discussed.


Module 1 – Exploring the Journal

A popular form of writing, you will benefit by exploring ideas from your own life and beyond.  You will also discover ways to journal for personal pleasure and profit.

01 Creative Writing

This is an excellent course that introduces you to different kinds of writing.  It also offers several writing techniques necessary for whatever kind of writing you pursue – whether it’s fiction or non-fiction.

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