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Pathways to Devotion VII

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Pathways to Devotion VII


Pathways to Devotion VII
Pathways to Devotion are a series of devotionals offering inspirational insights for every day situations. These easy-to-read daily devotional books offer encouragement, hope and practical answers to help us along life's way. After you read one of these inspiring devotionals, you will want to read them all. Each daily devotion offers an Application section for further Bible reading, a suggested prayer and further reflection.


Day 1 - Friendship Rekindled

Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you. John 15:15

Several years ago, I made a new friend at a Bible study I attended. She was taking the same communications program as I had taken a few years earlier at a local college. Being that we were both writers and interested in journalism, we had a lot in common. She became a close friend, also, because we shared the same spiritual beliefs.

I always admired my friend because she really stood up for what she believed was right and would tell you if she disagreed with something. She was also well read and knew what was going on in the world, so our conversations over coffee and a snack were always interesting. We met each other’s friends, as well, and so our circle of friends expanded and pretty soon we had a network and a community of friendships and fellowship.

Maybe your issues are not financial, but have to do with your health, your loved ones or relationships in your job, school or church. Health problems and relationships that aren’t going well can seem insurmountable and can also take a toll on our mental and emotional well-being. Notice in the opening verse (Matt. 11:28), that Jesus is calling people that are laboring and burdened by their labors. Labor is good, but when we are burdened by our labors, Jesus offers us a better way. It may sound simple for the complex problems we are currently facing, but when we come to Jesus with our burdens, there is a promise that He will give us rest. Rather than focus on our inability to solve our problems, we need to drop them at His feet and receive the rest (and instruction) He freely offers. Once rested, we will know with confidence that God will provide whatever we need because we trust in Him.

If you think of it, how else can friendships last for years and years unless you communicate with your friend even once in awhile? I treasure my friendships and especially the ones that I’ve had for a long time. If a friend continues to include me in their life even with just a simple Christmas card or an occasional email, it warms my heart and makes me thankful and appreciative of them. These are true friends to me!

In the opening verse, we read something astounding — Jesus is telling His disciples that they are not servants, but friends. A servant isn’t privy to information from his master; he doesn’t know what his boss is up to, he just does as he is told. But Jesus elevates His disciples to the status of friends. Friends communicate! They can’t wait to tell each other good news or share a burden or enjoy a good laugh together. This is the kind of relationship Jesus wants us to have with Him! True friends will always be there for you no matter how far away you are, or what the circumstances are. They will support you through thick and thin. How much more is Jesus this kind of Friend to us?

This idea of friendship with Jesus may seem impossible and even highly unlikely since you can hardly compare His greatness to our smallness. But this is truly a demonstration of how much He loves us!! He wants to communicate with us on the level of a close friendship. What does this mean? It means we must always keep in touch with Jesus and accept His extended hand of friendship to us. How enriched our lives become when we discover a friendship with Jesus!
John 15:12-17
Pray for your friends wherever they may be. Pray also that you can be the kind of friend to others and to Jesus that is true.
Write about your friendships, then begin contacting your friends and let them know you are thinking about them.


Currently this book is sold as an e-book only and there is currently no printed version.  Although this book is sold in multiple different countries, it is currently in English only.
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