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The Power of Submission

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The Power of Submission


The Power of Submission
If you are struggling through a situation, and have tried everything to make your situation better, but nothing seems to work, then this book is for you. Join the author as she shares her own struggles and how her life changed as she learned the power of submitting everything over to God. Discover the secret to a life of great blessing and how the power of submission fuels everything good that God wants to provide.Learn how to turn your trials into triumphs & see how humility can lead to greatness in your life.


Chapter 1 - Power Unleashed

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7

I once read a pamphlet that said everything we have or own must be submitted to God so that God has ownership and not ourselves. Once it is submitted to God, it then becomes God’s responsibility and not ours. This may be the case when it comes to finances, family relationships, personal health or any number of issues. We submit anything that involves us and this includes, most importantly, ourselves. So when the enemy comes along and tries to steal what God has given us or entrusted us with, we can then say, “You can’t touch it, because it now belongs to God to do with as He wills.” Whatever we submit to God leaves a vacancy that God can now use to fill with His wonder-working power.

We might think of submission as a weakness, and something we don’t look forward to doing because we want to be in control of things. This is what happened in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve decided that they wanted to be like God, and have a power similar to their Creator, to know good and evil. But just the opposite happened. We lost all power and the rights to paradise and instead became slaves to our own sin. But when we come to Jesus, the power of that curse is broken and we are free from the curse that separates us from God. And once we are saved from this curse and the power of sin over us, we need to continuously submit ourselves to God and give Him lordship over everything in our lives.

Submission is a powerful thing and it unleashes God’s power in our lives and in the world around us. If you think of it, your new life in Christ begins with submitting to Him. We start with an admission of our inability to save ourselves, then we confess that we have sinned, and finally we submit our heart and life to Jesus and ask Him to be Lord of all. For many years when I was a teen, I resisted God and did not understand the power of submission. I thought that I would be giving up a fun-filled life and I would now have to become a boring “religious” person, following a set of strict rules and regulations that someone else wanted me to live by. But the truth is, I discovered that by submitting my heart and life to Jesus, I found not only an amazing and loving Friend who cares a great deal about me, but I found a new freedom to truly be me. I found all the treasures of life itself and continue to discover the power of God whenever my will or anything else that concerns me, is submitted fully to Him. So many amazing and miraculous things have happened to me in my life, that I wanted to share some of them in this book.

When we pray, do we have any idea of the power of God that is unleashed into this world that is so much in need of God? Prayer is perhaps the most important act of submission we can make because God is at work and not ourselves. Our part is simple — we take the time to pray and then we watch for God to work. We may find this difficult because we can’t “see” prayer or we don’t always experience immediate results, but God’s power is at work nonetheless. Think of it this way — when you flip a switch to turn on a light, you can’t see how it works, all you know is that the light will magically go on and you’ll be able to see if you are in a dark or unlit room. You know that the light switch will bring instant light because this is what it’s designed to do. You don’t have to question why it goes on or how it goes on, you just know that it will. Prayer is the same. When we pray, Jesus promises us that He will hear AND respond when our prayers are directed to Him with sincerity and faith. Then we leave our requests with Him and trust Him with the results. Also, we are released from Satan’s control when we pray. After we’ve done all that God asked us to do and we can do no more, we must hand it over to Him, then we trust Him with it and it is no longer our concern. When we are concerned over a loved one, we must do what we feel God wants us to do for them, then pray for them, and then leave them in God’s hands. If we have financial difficulty, we must do what God directs us to do, then leave the rest to God. If we continue to worry over things, then we haven’t submitted it over to Him yet.

Sometimes, if we are really self-willed and self-directed and we have trouble relinquishing control, God will allow it to come to full term to the point that we can no longer hold onto our worries. Some may call this “burn-out,” others may call it “coming to the end of yourself.” But they are both as a result of NOT submitting it over to God. What does this mean? It means that somewhere along the way, we stopped hearing from God and we went on our own merry way ignoring all the warning signs to stop. Some people end up with nervous breakdowns or heart attacks because they failed to submit their lives to God when all the warning signs were there.

Submission can save our lives and also unleash God’s power in and through us. And it works just the opposite of what we would think. For a believer in Christ, the only true power is God’s power, all other power works against God. And the only way God’s power is unleashed in and through us and out into the world is when we have submitted our all to Him, and do this on a daily and consistent basis. When we are strong and self-sufficient we may feel a temporary sense of personal power, but like a lit match in a strong wind, it quickly burns out and is forgotten. It bears no fruit and has no lasting impact. It leads us to destruction and God will deal harshly with our pride if we are one of His. True power is God’s power entrusted to us when we are submitted to Him and then we begin to see signs and wonders and miracles spring up all around us.


Currently this book is sold as an e-book only and there is currently no printed version.  Although this book is sold in multiple different countries, it is currently in English only.
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